Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall Apron swap pics

Sorry, I have been away and not posting. We have been so busy with DD going back to school etc. And last weekend we headed up to Ghost Town - more about that here:

I know these are long overdue but here are a few pics from the swaps. First of all, there was the Fall Apron Swap at Sassy Apron Swap ( I made this apron that DD was so kind to model for me:

Sassy apron fall swap 3

the back:

Sassy apron fall swap 2

and I love this pic:

Sassy apron fall swap

And this is the apron that I received with the matching potholder:

Sassy Apron Fall 08

and of course, a pic of DD in the apron:

Sassy Apron Swap Fall 2008

For Booming Aprons ( halloween swap, I received this wonderful package:

Fair etc 091808046

with all of this:

Fair etc 091808047

and this apron:

Fair etc 091808048

and the reverse of the apron:

Fair etc 091808050

Sorry those last couple of pics didn't turn out so good - I didn't have my model.

And the pics that I took of what I made got "lost" when a memory card went bad. Pictures of a trip that DD took with her Grandmother were also lost (which made for a very, very sad day at our house). But you can see pics here at my swap partners blog :

Thanks for looking and I am so sorry it took so long.


Yarni Gras! said...

the aprons and swap goodies are wonderful!

Pinktulip said...

You lucky girl. That looks so nice! I see you scrapbook as well. I was possessed by scrapbooking until sewing took over..I really must post some of my scrapbook pages on my blog soon. Love your blog. You are a kindred spirit!

Anonymous said...
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