Monday, June 30, 2008


Well, I signed up for the We the People Swap at and received my blog partner's name and likes and dislikes today. I can't wait I think I know what fabric I am going to use. I made DD a small tote out of some Heather Bailey fabric that I LOVE and I think my swap partner would like it too. Here is a pic of DD's tote:
misc 31108008
and the inside:
misc 31108007
and yes, I know, my stripes did not line up correctly. I really wasn't thinking about it when I cut the fabric and I was told that it didn't matter but of course at that time I didn't think that I would be posting it online for the whole world to see. LOL

I also received my swap partner for Booming Apron's Beat the Heat Halloween Apron Swap and need to figure out how to keep in touch with my partner to learn of her likes and dislikes.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Quilt Class signup

Well, I did it. I have always wanted to quilt - even before I wanted to sew. There is just something so beautiful about a homemade quilt. Sooo while DD is off to camp this summer for the next 5 1/2 weeks, I decided to take a beginning quilt class. And make a quilt for DD (unless it turns out horrible then who knows). So, I dragged her to the quilt shop on Saturday to pick out fabrics. This is all new to me and I had to ask for a lot of assistance. We were told to pick one fabric first and then choose based on that fabric. The class is using the Turning 20 Again pattern and 12 fat quarters are needed. So, DD picked this...
1st pick
And then we found 7 more on our own. But we were lost on the last four. With some help from some very patient salespeople we went home with these...
Quilt fat quarters
and yes I know, there are 13. During the cutting process, DD found this one and the salesperson said it was a good idea to have an extra one just in case.
DD's extra pick
Anyway, now that I am home - I am not sure of these 2...
not sure
Any thoughts or suggestions?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Apron Swap

Well, I was in my very first apron swap and received my apron this past week and I love it.
I do not have a pic to post yet but here is the apron that I sent to my swap partner - Sheri:

apron by Tammy S.

I hope she liked it.

And I have decided to join in another one - Booming Apron's Beat the Heat July Halloween's pron Swap. This one has a fall / Halloween theme (duh) and I am so excited.