Sunday, July 13, 2008

Crafting weekend?

Well, with DD still at camp and DH working, I've spent most of the day alone. Went to church and actually made it to the early service. After church, I ran to Sam's to pick up a few groceries and planned on coming home to craft. However, I ended up cleaning and cooking.
Yesterday, I attended a Stampin' Up Christmas in July workshop. We made 2 cards and a tag. Here are my creations...
cards and tag
A picture will go in the red square on the bottom card. I think this may be "the"card this year if I can get DD to pose for a Christmas pic.
Here is the inside of the "truck" card...
inside of Christmas card

BTW, while I was at the quilting store for my class on Wednesday, I picked up some new fabric. First, I picked up the fabric for the We the People tote swap hosted by Tracy at itching2bstitching ( Here is may fabric. It is from Sandi Henderson's Ginger Blossom line.
tote bag fabric
And I also picked up fabric for a new apron. This is from urbanfarm by Keri Beyer.
new apron fabric
The top piece is actually an apron pattern - not really sure how to describe it but all I have to do is cut it out and finish it. The main apron, the ties, and a facing our included. The sample made in the store did not use the facing but lined the whole thing. I chose a fabric (the bottom in the pic) that matched the ties and plan on this being a reversible apron.
I have a lot of homework to do for my class - I have to have all of my pieces cut before Wednesday. I will be busy the next 2 nights.

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