Saturday, December 19, 2009


We live in the mountains of North Carolina but closer to the SC line and very seldom do we get any snow - maybe a couple of light snowfalls each year, most often just flurries. And usually we get an ice storm or two. However, yesterday we were hit with a storm that left the area covered in a white blanket. We were actually suppose to leave to go to my sister's who lives on the east coast of NC. We travelled about 15 miles from the house by interstate and decided it wasn't worth the risk. After we got back home, my husband and daughter decided they were going outside to play. After about 15 minutes they asked me to go for a walk with them. Now, I walk a lot and trying to get them to go with me is like pulling teeth so when they asked, I couldn't say no. So, I donned one of my husband's motorcycle wind suits, which by the way is a men's 3X. I know I looked ridiculous but it kept me warm and dry. And off we went to see the neighborhood. Here we are, my daughter is on the left.
121809 snow

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