Friday, July 31, 2009

Wine Country

Last Saturday night, DH and I watched Bottle Shock. We really enjoyed it and didn't realize that it was a true story until the movie was over. Anyway, after sleeping in late on Sunday, DH suggested that we visit a couple of wineries that are fairly close to home so off we went. Our first stop was Rockhouse. Absolutely beautiful vineyard and the owner took us down to look at the barrels and explained the whole wine process to us. Here is a picture of the "rock house":
Rockhouse winery
We also visited Green Creek.
I love the rows of grapes.
These wineries are only a couple of minutes apart but there was a world of difference between them. It was very interesting visiting them both and we plan on doing it again. Actually, they are only about 30 minutes away and we can't believe we hadn't visited before.

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