Tuesday, March 3, 2009

DD's Quilting Class

My Dear Daughter decided that she would give this whole sewing / quilting thing a try and signed up a couple of months ago for the Kid's Club at the local Quilt Shop. They meet once a month for 2 hours. They work on small projects and if they have time, they are also working on a large quilt. So far, she has made a small rag quilt and a patchwork / rag bag. I don't think she's been delighted with the projects - the fabrics were picked out for her - but she has really enjoyed the class and has fallen in love with sewing!!! Here is a pic of her quilt and bag.
AB swaps007

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Jennifer said...

The colors are a bit much if you don't like them, but the projects will look better if you wash, wash, wash them. The more you wash the more fuzzy they will be. =)