Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Amy Butler purse swap

Well, my Amy Butler purse is on its way but I can't say where because it's a secret - SHHH!
I used Amy's Frenchy bag pattern and 2 fabrics from her Belle line. The main fabric is Acanthus Olive which my partner mentioned was her favorite Amy Butler fabric. (So, if that was you - don't look any further).
Here is the bag I made:
AB purse swap

and the inside:
AB purse inside

I must be honest and say that my daughter is pretty mad that I mailed this one off - it it were up to her, it would be hers. I am now waiting for her to pick out her fabrics and that will be my next project.

And while I am posting pictures, here is one of the 2 men in my life:

My men 2/17/09

Aren't they cute? (and sor some reason the pic is cropped funny - its blogspot and not me - lol)


Suzee said...

Hey lady!! Your purse is on its way! Hope you enjoy it. I am so excited for you to get it! Hopefully you will get it by Friday. Let me know when you do!

Suzee said...

Oh, and by the way, your bag that you made is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Paula said...

I absolutely love the bag and AB fabric! I am crazy about olive, too...just in case you want to make me one, too...teehee..I love the cropped pix of your men. That is way more interesting, I think! Have a great week-end, Sweetie!