Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's Been A While

Well, DD is home from camp - has been for a week and a half and we have been so busy.
No, the quilt is not finished but the class is. I have a little (OK, a lot) of actual quilting to do and then the binding and I will be finished. We were out of town last weekend and will be again this weekend but hopefully I will get to finish it soon. I am also in two, make that three more swaps all due at the end of the month. The first two are apron swaps - see the sidebar - Booming Aprons is hosting another Halloween apron swap and Sassy Apron Swap, a fall theme. And I also signed up for a fall card swap. And school starts back next Monday - DD is starting the 7th grade (and her 2nd year at middle school) and I am enrolled in another sewing class also starting on the 25th. Busy, busy, busy - but hopefully I will find the time to post a little more often.

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